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ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software.Data Analysis Has Never Been Easier


The ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software is part of a fully validated sequencing workflow specifically designed for use in forensic genomics applications. The workflow includes the MiSeq FGx™ instrument and forenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit and enables simultaneous analysis of approximately 200 forensically relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and short tandem repeats (STRs)—including marker sets not routinely available with traditional methods (Table 1). From sequencing library* and file management to complete data analysis and reporting, the analysis software provides the full functionality needed to analyze and interpret the widest range of casework and database samples. For remote labs or criminal justice partners that require access to data independent of the MiSeq FGx instrument, the ForenSeq Universal
Analysis Software is sold separately on a standalone, dedicated server.

The Verogen MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics Solution uses a pipeline of software applications to perform sequencing runs and complete data analysis (Figure 1). ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software guides the sequencing workflow from run-setup and sample data entry to the final stages of data analysis and report generation. MiSeq FGx Control Software (MCS), installed on the MiSeq FGx instrument control computer, captures flow cell images, operates the flow cell stage, and controls reagent delivery and temperature. During the run, Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software performs image analysis, base calling, and assigns base-by-base quality scores. ForenSeq Universal Analysis
Software then initiates the final stages of analysis, including demultiplexing, sequence alignment, allele calling, genotyping, and reporting.

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